Hello!  My name is Jeff Levin. I am an Entrepreneur, Business Survival Coach & Founder of GrowthPOD.com – The Place to Co-Opvertise & the Founder of the Co-Op Movement!

To understand why countless people have chosen to use my systems, hire me as their coach/consultant to help their business thrive or lean on me for leadership and guidance during times of trial, it’s important to first, learn what has shaped me into the the person I am today!

If I were to describe myself in one word – it would be…


(because passionate just doesn’t do me justice for what I believe in most in life!)

For as long as I can remember, I have been a person always in search of ways to become a better person, never choosing the path of least resistance.  I excelled academically – graduating with honors at every level of education I pursued.  Like most entering college, I didn’t know what I wanted to be when I grew up, so I decided to choose (in my opinion) the most difficult degree in Electrical Engineering.  In my mind, if I did well, then it would be easy to find a good job right out of college and it did.

I began my career as an Engineering Project Manager, where for 8 years I managed major multi-million dollar manufacturing line improvements & it was there where I found my love of business process design (yes, I love process!)

While working, I commuted back and forth from Crown Point, IN to Downtown Chicago 3 times a week for nearly 3 years to complete my MBA from Loyola University Chicago.  There, I took my first entrepreneurship course with a professor that owned a turnaround company in Chicago worth billions at the time.  I could relate to him in most ways (except my bank account).  We were both graduates of Purdue University with Engineering degrees.  We were both Loyola Alumni & as I continued to take the course, I learned that we both had a passion for saving people and companies from disaster or failure as most would put it, however,

“I believe there is no such thing as failure in life, just learnings!”

Soon after finishing school, I was struck with a devastating illness called Gillian Barre, which had me, a physically fit, newly married 28 year in a wheel chair, unable to walk with my organs shutting down.  The disease progressed slowly over a period of about a month, where slowly my reflexes, strength and body began to numb.  Within a month – I was out of work, confined to my bed, but I NEVER lost hope.  Leading up to this point, I relied on my own personal strength, strategies and will to overcome every obstacle I’ve ever encountered, but this was the first circumstance I’ve ever encountered where the only thing I could do is remain positive.  So I did.

I came from a home where faith was non-existent.  We were non-participating Catholics that rarely attended church. I’ve always believed in a higher power, however, but that was the extent of religion in my life – it was more of a fraternal/socially acceptable relationship more than anything else.  My wife Lisa, on the other hand, comes from a strong Christian family, with generations of Godly men and women. Just to give you an example, her great uncle, Warren Wiersbe is a world re known pastor having published several hundred Christian books, so not your average Christian family by any stretch of the imagination.  When I met my wife, I knew right away she was the woman I was to marry!  She possessed everything I was missing in my life and was a perfect compliment to me, most of all, a relationship with God, which at the time, I really had no idea what that was, but her passion was enough to open my mind to learn more.  The illness, as you can imagine, expedited the learning process for sure!

I share this because, as my condition worsened, my wife’s family were like prayer warriors.  They and countless others prayed and prayed for me – with me, which was overwhelming, having never really experienced anything like it before.  One night, around Christmas time, I was having difficulty sleeping because of the numbness in my legs.  So, I got up out of bed and made my way to the living room sofa & as I looked up and cried out, something overcame me (which later I learned was God).  The words I cried were more like a plead for help.  I was not willing to give up, but I knew I could not do it on my own any longer!  And, thankfully, with God there, waiting for me to finally surrender, he gave me the help I needed to overcome this devastating condition!  For those who follow Christ, you have probably had a similar experience, but if you were like me before, you would say, this guy is nuts!  I respect your opinion, however, I believe that without accepting Christ that night into my life, I would not be here to help you!  (Faith:  My First Conviction)

The next day was truly a new day. The symptoms began to subside & within a few weeks to where I was no longer choking on my food or drinks & the numbness that began in my feet and worked it’s way up to my neck, had completely subsided.  Recovery didn’t stop there with me having to relearn how to walk again, but I cannot tell you how grateful I was to be back in the game & have a shot at life once again!

After returning to work, things just weren’t the same.  I wanted to do something that had real, long lasting impact.  I was always a leader on the field, at the workplace, in the family – that you could count on to deliver when times got tough, so I wanted to find a way to INSPIRE, IMPACT and IMPROVE peoples lives.  I wanted to give people hope to never, ever give up because I truly believe that your challenges in life are blessings – they are a part of God’s plan to get people to turn to him & when you do, circumstances change – just like mine!

So I became a Business Coach. (My Second Conviction)

Coaching has always come second nature to me having played organized sports from the time I could walk through college, so Business Coaching just allowed me to do it professionally!

I’ve been coaching & developing leaders as a coach for over 15 years now & I’ve had over 1000 people use my systems, participate in workshops or hire me to coach them in a group or 1-1 environment!

Nearly 8 years ago, after seeing first hand what companies need to survive and thrive long term, I invented a process I call Co-Opvertising and developed a platform called GrowthPOD to enable companies to leverage their database to gain more marketing exposure in a cost-effective (or in our case FREE) way.  This platform, along with the help of our Co-Op Agents, provide companies with the tools, strategies and support that successful companies have used forever. GrowthPOD is the ONLY FREE Email Marketing System out there.  Check it out now!

In addition to that, in March of 2015, we created a Facebook community called the Chicagoland Co-Opvertising Network that quickly grew to over 1000 members that have come together to learn a new definition for success by helping others first!  We currently have nearly 2500 members, with over 200 sponsors that gather together every month to network, hear great speakers and grow!  To join the Co-Op, visit www.co-opmovement.com!

I call this my Second Conviction because we are in desperate need of a new breed of business in the United States.  Profit over Purpose is killing this country, in my opinion.  It is my goal to get back to basics and build leaders that recognize the importance of purpose, passion and people, not simply just bottom line profits!

In the 12 years I’ve been in business, I’ve worked with just about every type of company imaginable – from landscapers, builders, irrigation companies, hair salons, insurance companies, doctors, printers, painters, car repairs, ophthalmologists, marketing and sales organizations and many, many more.

To summarize my experience is simple:  

Although company names are different, the game is the same in every industry, the only difference are the people & their passions!  The rest is pretty much the same.

I am not your normal coach!

I have the unique ability to ignite your passion and do it in such a way where it becomes contagious throughout your company, because if you are not excited about your company and where it’s going, then how could anybody else be?

Why is this important?  Because, the number one complaint I get from business owners is I can’t seem to find good people that have the same drive and passion as I do!

To learn more about how you can work with me, click on Pick My Brain or simply click here

Family:  My Third Conviction.  I am the father of 2 boys – Cameron & Justin, who have made me proud in everything they’ve done since the day they were born.  We believe a large of part of their success in growing into fine young men has come from the sacrifices we’ve made to ensure that one of us has always been there for them.  Lisa and I are passionate about creating work from home opportunities for parents that share our beliefs that allow them to make a good living, with the flexibility to be there for their family when they need them.  If you would like to learn more about becoming a Co-Op Agent in your area, click here to learn more.

Fitness: My Fourth Conviction.  After having children, they became the center of my life, like most parents experience.  If I wasn’t working, I was with them coaching them in sports or playing with them at home.  For so long, I actually felt guilty working out or spending time away from them, so I let myself go.  After turning 40, 2 years ago, I decided to make a change for good & bought the 10 minute trainer program by Beachbody.

Over a 3 month period, I lost nearly 50 lbs. and was in the best shape of my life.  I was featured in their 2104 10 minute trainer product infomercial and won the BeachBody Challenge.  So many people have asked me how I’ve done it, so I decided to join the BeachBody Team as an Independent Beachbody Coach to help others do what I’ve done.

A large part of success in business has to do with how you feel about yourself and if you are out of shape, your business will suffer as well.  I want to help you and others that need the motivation to get it in everyday and still be the best parents they can be.

I run an open challenge group on Facebook, called the #Sweatee Challenge Group where all you have to do is break a sweat and post a picture to help inspire others.  After posting 30 sweatpics, you get a FREE t-shirt.  In the challenge group, I workout with you, share my inspiration & help you get through your challenges.  You don’t have to buy the 10 minute trainer, but it is by far the best investment I’ve EVER made – it saved my life & it will change your’s too, if you are just too busy to workout.

If you are interested in joining my challenge group, visit the #Sweatee Challenge Link at the top of the page or by clicking here & request for permission to join & also go to www.beachbodycoach.com/jefflevin and buy the 10 minute trainer challenge pack to follow along with me and the rest of the group.

So there you have it – my convictions!  My formula for success is to ensure that I include the things I am passionate about in my life, every single day.  I am here to help you do the same in one way, shape or form.  To learn more about working with me visit Pick My Brain or simply click here


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